Draw This

Draw This 2.0

Add some creativity to your alarms


  • Very simple to use
  • Alarm categories


  • No image editing tools

Not bad

The alarm functionality within the Palm OS is very handy for keeping you on top of your tasks and appointments. If you want to make the alarm process a little more exciting though, then install Draw This.

This handy free app allows you to set up alarms with drawings attached to them, to help you become more creative as well as more productive. Draw This is incredibly easy to use. You just need to click on 'New' to schedule a new alarm. Then enter a name for the alert and just doodle into the window using the stylus. Then, select the date for the reminder from the calendar menu and input the time.

Draw It allows you to set up categories for your alerts to help you organize them more effectively. Categories can be added, edited and deleted at will, using the ultra-straightforward interface.

The drawing tools in Draw It are very limited, and it would've been nice to see some editing functionality included in the program. Let's face it, the Graffiti tool in Palm isn't the most advanced in the world, so you won't be able to make any stunning works of art in Draw This.

That said, Draw This makes for a unique and handy way to configure multiple alarms on your Palm PDA.

Draw This


Draw This 2.0

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